Different types of Above ground pool vacuum: choosing the right one

A swimming pool makes the look of your home attractive.It also is a good way to chill and relax during the weekends.It is a good way to exercise and relax your body, especially during the summer season. So, it is a means of amusement and entertainment.
If you are a regular at your swimming pool, then it will soon get dirty. The dirt from the sky, the dirt from the bodies, oil and soap traces from the body can altogether make the swimming pool very dirty. It is not possible to clean it with hand. You need a pool vacuum cleaner to clean and tidy your swimming pool. There are various types of pool vacuum cleaners available in the market go here to check. You can choose from these three types of pool vacuum cleaners available in the market.

Here are the three types of pool cleaners available in the market-

•    SUCTION SIDE POOL CLEANERS:- These automatic above ground pool vacuum are clean the pool very efficiently, especially in the suction line. These pool cleaners are joined to the suction line of the pool and then entirely clean the floor of the swimming pool. It will efficiently remove the dust from your pool. The advantage of using this pool cleaner is that it is easy to be maintained, it is inexpensive, and it is more stable, less movable.  The disadvantage of this pool cleaner is that it will run only with the help of a pump.best above ground pool vacuum cleaner

•    PRESSURE SIDE POOL CLEANERS:- The pressure side pool cleaners are used for cleaning the sides of the pool, the dirty side of the pool that has got green algae and also all the other sides of the pool. These pool cleaner do not use a filtration system of the pool to clean out all the debris and dust from the pool. The advantages of using a pressure side pool cleaner are that it does not need much maintenance, it is of low cost, it does not put any pressure on the filter. The disadvantage is that it needs an extra pump to do the cleaning work efficiently.

•    ROBOTIC POOL CLEANERS:- These pool cleaners do not use the power from your home to run the machine. This pool cleaner uses very less amount of electricity and does not put any pressure on the motor of the pool vacuum cleaner. It cleans away every nook and corner of the swimming pool and even the steps and side of the pool. It does not require any maintenance. It is best to use for cleaning purposes. The advantage of using a pool cleaner is that they have got an efficient cleaning, it does not require any energy. The only disadvantage of this robotic pool cleaner is that they are expensive.

So, these are three types of pool vacuum cleaners available in the market. You can choose one which you find the best. Though all the three are unique in itself and have got both advantages and also some disadvantages.
It is best to pick one that suits your budget and is also convenient.

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